Our company

The Musée des Eaux de Vie

In 1986, René de Miscault founded the museum in the old coaching inn of Lapoutroie in Alsace. The Musée des Eaux de Vie contains 10 000 mignonettes, old copper stills, machines related to brandies and liqueurs, glasses, spoons for absinth, and also a unique collection of 300 bottles from the 1950s. 

The distillery

The history of our distillery goes back a long time ago because it was founded in 1859 in Fougerolles. The Distillery Paul Devoille produces brandies, liqueurs, creams, absinths, cherries in brandy and gins. Our products are often awarded in international competitions: Concours Général Agricole Paris, International Vinalies… 

Distiller and liqueur maker from father to son, we distill around 500 tons of fruit a year, that is to say 40 brandies, 26 liqueurs and creams and 8 different absinths. 

Today we sell around 400 000 bottles a year in France and around the world. Our experience allows us to enter markets with a very difficult access like the USA, Quebec, Ontario or Japan. 



Customs products

We also create customs products that we develop according to the customer’s specifications: absinths, liqueurs or gins. 

Gastronomy Range

We also propose products for pastry professionals, restaurant owners, chocolate makers, etc... Available in bottles or in bulk.