Bitter and aperitifs

Bitter Birabelle ® 


Our Bitter Birabelle ® is artisanal and original. Indeed, it is elaborated from the maceration of gentian and peels of quinquennial. It also unites notes of peels of orange and Mirabelle plum brandy. 

It is a unique product, scented and filled with the taste of Mirabelle plum. You can drink it with a fresh light ale. 

The aperitifs


The “Guignolet-Kirsch” is made up of Morello cherries, red sugary cherries and black cherries. It’s a fruity aperitif and not too sweet. Enjoy it pure and chilly or with an ice cube. 

The Aperitif “Gentiane à Paul ®” is the result of a well-balanced blending between our Gentian brandy and an infusion of roots. Little sugary, it is very popular for its light bitterness. Enjoy it chilly, on an ice cream with a quarter of lemon or in a cocktail with a tonic.



pastis Anisette

Baranis ® is elaborated according to an ancestral recipe. It allies all the power of the star anise and the freshness of the fennel and the coriander. Green anise and hyssop craft this blending. The natural color is obtained by the maceration of veronica, lemon balm and hyssop. Enjoy it pure or with water. It also mix very well in a fish sauce. 

Pastis Bleu « Blue Roy ® » is the result of a traditional and artisanal fabrication and is very original because of its blue color. You can drink it with some water or associated with different ingredients in order to create a surprising cocktail for its flavor but also for its color. 

Anisette LEHAIM is a true white kosher anisette made from anise and star anise. Enjoy it pure or with water. 

Mulled wine


The mulled wine is produced by our care, made from French red wine, spices and honey. 

Enjoy it hot or cold in sangria where you will only have to add the fruits.