All our absinths are distilled. We distil every plants separately. Some of these plants are farmed in our own distillery. The drink Absinth is a blending of plants according to our own recipe from 1894. The colour of the Absinth is obviously entirely natural, obtained from the plant’s infusion. 


We have different absinths and every recipe is unique with different percentage of alcohol (between 55% and 74%) 

  • Libertine ® Originale 55%vol : it is well balanced and not too strong, perfect to discover the absinth. 
  • La Charlotte ® 55%vol : it is presented in a beautiful case with its spoon
  • Libertine Amer ® 68%vol : its light bitterness comes from its higher concentration in absinth plant. 
  • Libertine Intense ® 72%vol : stronger with an herbaceous taste and more pronounced note of fennel. 
  • Libertine Fleur d'Absinthe ® 60%vol : with a branch of absinth in the bottle
  • La Verte de Fougerolles 72%vol : top of the range absinth 
  • La Blanche de Fougerolles 74%vol : according to old recipes, a white absinth.

How to enjoy an absinth? 

Pour the Absinth in a glass. Put the spoon on top of the glass and a sugar on the spoon. Pour some freezing water slowly on the sugar until it disappears. 

The different accessories to prepare an absinth 

The preparation of the absinth is a ritual and that’s why we offer all the accessories as well as the gift sets including 2 glasses, 2 spoons and a bottle of absinth. 

  • Spoon for absinth 
  • Absinth fountain 2 and 4 taps
  • Glasses 

Libertine Originale 55%vol – Libertine Amer 68%vol – Libertine Intense 72%vol – Libertine Fleur d’Absinthe 60%vol – La Blanche de Fougerolles 74%vol – La Verte de Fougerolles 72%vol – La Charlotte 55%vol – Glasses Libertine 19cl – Spoon engraved Libertine – Tray absinth